ViSiBLiZE -- Digital Cinema Production
Human Powered Series

Visiblize is producing "Human Powered" a series of one hour programs on human powered vehicles.

Below is a still from the episode featuring lead engineer Todd Reichert, as he pilots the human powered helicopter "Atlas" (with Aerovelo colleague Cameron Robertson on the ground, right) during the flight which won them and their University of Toronto team the Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Prize. Please send email to for photo or footage licensing information.

Spirit House -- the Movie

“Spirit House” is about a supernatural creature that inhabits the minds of a young couple and their physical surroundings.

Director: Martin Turner 
Production Company: Visiblize Studios
Shooting Locations
: Cambridge and Toronto, Ontario

This is our first dramatic feature and is being produced on a low/no budget basis. Meals and some transportation expenses provided. Deferred salary potential. Auditions will be held in Cambridge and Toronto. Rehearsal dates: TBA Please submit your resume / headshot (and demo links if you have any) to: Read below and be sure to mention the character(s) you wish to audition for. We look forward to receiving your submissions!


Diane (18-32, female) To portray a woman frustrated with her predicament, at times displays frustration with her husband, which turns to a range of emotions as they confront a growing evil.
Dusty (18-35, male) –
Employee of previous business, displaying a stoic mysterious air.
Fritz (35-70, male) --
  Employee of previous business, displaying various eccentricities.
Ancient Ghost (20-40, male) --
To be the main Spirit. Dancing experience (Aboriginal preferred)
(Various, 18-99, male or female) -- To portray spirits of the house. Dancing experience
Supporting Roles
– (Various) Extras

We are also looking for film production assistants for "Spirit House", to assist us putting together props and set dressings. If you are interested please forward your resume, film students welcome.

Looking for items and furniture for the film shoot, such as:
- old filing boxes
- assorted dining chairs
- plastic flowers
- large vases
- glass jars (and medical lab equipment)
- old electric floor lamp
Will pick up items and return them if you wish. Your generosity is appreciated, and you will be
acknowledged in the film credits.
People of the Woods
A short film produced by Bridget Wabegijig and Martin Turner.
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